Monday, July 18, 2016


Saw the blog link from my Twitter account today and decided to take a look. Sometimes I re-read something I've written and feel proud, or humored, or whatever.

The first post I decided to revert to draft was about a bloody infection.  Easily 10 minutes of too much information. The next few posts I reverted to drafts were about being angry, complete with a picture of the hulk.  Wheeoo. Revert, revert.

I know in this day and age of social media everyone's putting on a front, and we need to embrace reality.  Fine.  But there is also an awful lot of really bad news in the world right now.  Gun violence, violence against children, terrorism--and not the hysterical kind, Trump.

Excuse me while I embrace something feel good and fluffy.

On that note, Stampede 2016: Hell or High Water 2 (fun artsy filters from a popular new ap). No flooding, but it was the lowest attendance in 22 years and it rained almost if not every day.  We made it through 3 downpours over 6 hours on the last Saturday.

It was worth it.