Saturday, July 05, 2008

A couple in love

A year ago today, my sweet Robert proposed. The above photo is from our recent engagement session (we found our photographer on a local message board, and clearly the wedding pictures will be fabulous). Today we go and pick up our marriage license. In less than a month I will get to say, "This is my husband, Robert." : )

As much as I generally do not like wedding planning, it's been alright. I'm excited about the fun details, things like our bouquets, the wedding favors, our cupcake topper--unfortunatley none of which I can be more specific, so I don't spoil any of the surprise.

I'm excited for our day to arrive!

I really don't have much else to add. I've more than captured from blog to blog how much Rob means to me, and just how grateful and happy I am to share a life with him. We are partners in a grand lifelong adventure. Thank God.

I am truly blessed.

This photo took my breath away. : )

Thank God all the other photographers I was considering didn't bother getting back to me.

Friday, July 04, 2008

How do you comfort a friend?

When a soul is in anguish, the distance separating you from another is unbearably vast. Life presses against us--bruises us from the inside out. You wonder if anyone can reach you to give you the comfort desperately needed.

We want to comfort. Try to. But some of us don't know how, or where to begin.

When words are not enough and gestures seem meaningless because you don't honestly know what someone is going through, what then?

My reaction is to keep away. Be respectful and not continue reminding someone of their pain with my sad face or tears. And saying how sorry I am sounds trite and hollow.

When you're consumed with devastating emotions, everyone around you appears in a shadow. And you wonder at the cruelty of feeling the sun warming your face when inside you are cold all over.

That's when I pray. : ) My eyes close and I pray for God's healing love to wash over my friend in a white glow--sometimes for a person I've never met. I focus on surrounding them with loving energy and hope they feel the sense of comfort and peace I don't know how to give. And I pray for them to feel hope--to know they will come through, and on the other side of pain will be happiness once again.

I pray when you fall to your knees you realize you are in the position to pray.