Saturday, October 07, 2006


I am incommunicado right now. I'm housesitting my brother's place because they took off to visit Vicki's parents in Yellowgrass, Saskatchewan. I turned my cell phone off and my ipod on, and effectively eliminated the only person who could have contacted me--my Mom. Sigh. The best thing about being incommunicado? No one is actually trying to get a hold of me. : ) I realize that sounds slightly self pitying. Alas.

I don't have to be anywhere right now, and there is no one I have to talk to. I am in the middle of making my magnificent lemon cake for our Thanksgiving dinner, though. It's a rather linear, laborious process requiring a fair bit of time and preparation (at least four hours, and 24 more for the cake to "set"). It's worth it though, as it's a damn good cake. : )

Tonight I'm headed out for drinks with a couple of friends and my sweet man. We're heading to East Side Mario's to watch a bit of the Flames game. It's the regular season home opener, and everyone in the city has been looking forward to hockey starting, so the place should have a good energy. After that, we'll head back to Warren and Amanda's to play poker or Monopoly. Rob laughed when I mentioned Monopoly, but I warned him the future of our relationship hinged on him liking Monopoly (kidding). But I am the owner of four versions of Monopoly, so I think I'm fond of the game. : )

Ahhhh... Day one of the long weekend. I can feel each of my joints sink a little lower into my chair. In this position I can feel a slight pain in the middle of my back and a headache teasing at my temples. I just finished watching a circuit tour of the World Series of Poker held in New Orleans. Two schlubs were heads up, and I was startled by how unsophisticated the players were. After watching Phil Ivey take on a couple of Brit's in Monte Carlo, watching this circuit episode was like watching a bunch of security guys play for a hundred bucks in a dimly lit basement. Mmph.

Tomorrow we're doing Thanksgiving dinner and playing poker at my Mom's, then the weekend will be capped off with Rob taking me to a Flames game. How delightful. Sounds like a pretty damn good Thanksgiving to me. : )

Thank God.

Right on cue, Jeremy Camp, All I need, has come on my ipod.

"And you fill my life
You're everything to me
There's nothing else I need anymore."