Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall Ahead

Here's what I did with my "extra hour" due to daylight savings:

Rob and I were up at a decent hour (Okay, he was up early, and I thought I was getting up late at 9am). Our initial plan was to take the recycling in, get groceries and come home and take a nap (Okay, that was my plan). After we took in the recycling, we were headed for a coffee when we saw a guy on a crane attaching a "store closing" sign to Linens n Things.

I mentioned to Rob I had a few "large" gift cards from the wedding which I'd not spent yet and we immediately drove home to get them (in a bit of a panic, imagining the store closing completely and us being left with useless cards burning a hole in our pockets).

In reality, the store had just put up the signs and there was plenty of inventory to spend our "love" money on.

We ended up with a number of handy things, and in the end still had $12 remaining on one of the cards, which Rob asked if he could have. Once we unloaded the car, he immediately went back into the store and spent the rest on candy. Chocolate for me and a container of sour patch kids for him. : )

With the groceries put away, I spent the afternoon on my finances. Yipee. We recently put together a financial plan and this is the first month of implementation. It's a little distressing seeing exactly how much money I do and do not have all laid out nice and neat on an excel spreadsheet. But Rob was at least excited by the whole project, so that helped.

Now my Robert is making a lovely spaghetti and I'm pleased it's not even six o'clock yet. That gives me plenty of time for doing the rest of my laundry and preparing for an interview in the morning.

Oh, and having a bath and watching the Halloween Simpsons episode. That's gotta fit in there somewhere. : )

I wish I could gain an extra hour every Sunday.