Saturday, May 15, 2010

Get on It

Okay, it's time to get in gear. I'm 6 months pregnant, we have 3 months to Baby, and we've done very little to prepare. Sure we've got some cute stuff, but nowhere near what we need. Room's not ready, I'm not ready, Rob's not ready--we need to get on it!

Rob is going to be exhaused from golf this morning, as he also golfed for the first time of the season on Thursday. What he's not going to be prepared for is my sudden urge to get shit done.

I've got Jorge coming over tomorrow to help move the existing furniture out of the spare beadroom (the plan which Rob is not aware of), and ultimately into our room. This will be quite a shock as we're used to having a certain amount of space in the master bedroom. But it's not like it's a temporary change. Alas! I believe it's time to pull the bandaid off! I'm tired of looking at the spare room and everything that needs to be done to change it into the Baby's room.

We head to the US next week where we hope to get some necessary baby things (stroller, Beabu, etc)--then I want to get on the painting (or Rob rather), and I want the room ready by the end of June at the latest.

Now's the time.